• The Hill Project receives Design for Well-Being Award from the California AIA

    We are excited to share that The Hill Project received an award from the California AIA, 获得2023年幸福设计奖. 你可以阅读更多十大赌博靠谱网络平台这种认知的内容 在这里
    College Prep’s simple shingled buildings and inviting landscape hold and shape our school, 创造独特的学习环境.这个新设施, 在校园的中心, has more than doubled classroom and student gathering spaces. Since its opening in January 2022, The Hill Project has transformed our school. 院子里, 四周都是美丽的花园, 是各种聚会的场所吗, 包括组装. Nooks and crannies throughout are filled with 学生 having lunch, 沉思一本好书, 与谘询小组会面, 并咨询他们的老师. The Hill Project will serve our 学生 and teachers for generations to come.
  • 常见的课堂

    常见的课堂 is a weekly rotating set of engaging, ungraded learning opportunities. 老师, 学生, 校友领导的活动, 类, workshops across a range of ever-changing offerings that include art projects, 政治讨论, 物质的追求, 和更多的. Students are encouraged to take and lead new 类 throughout the year. 2023-24学年的第一周课程包括:
  • 第38届十大赌博平台排行榜暑期学院

    今年夏天, Partners welcomed 60 Scholars representing 15 middle schools from Oakland and the East Bay, celebrated this year’s theme of “Scholar Voices.“通过英语核心课程, 数学和社会情感学习, 以及工程学等选修课, Python编程, 巴西的舞蹈, 辩论, 及财务知识, 我们学者的声音被放大了, 他们的好奇心得到了培养, 他们的勇气也增强了. 更多十大赌博靠谱网络平台合作伙伴计划的信息 在这里.
  • 北海岸组乙组冠军!

    College Prep Boys Varsity Soccer team made School history this year when they ended their undefeated season as 北海岸组乙组冠军!
  • 恭喜你游泳!

    Congratulations to our women’s relay swim team for placing 14th in the 400 Free Relay at the California Interscholastic Federation State Championships. The girls swim team placed 5th overall at North Coast Section, 并且是湾区县联盟东部冠军. The boys swim team also competed in NCS and finished second in BCL-East. 去美洲狮!
  • 年度舞蹈表演:必不可少的喜悦

    Students danced their hearts out in our annual 跳舞 Showcase: Essential Joy. The performance was the culmination of our 类' explorations of many dance genres and the communities that created them, 包括当代, 加勒比黑人, 爵士乐, 刚果, 和嘻哈. 祝贺我们所有的舞者, 舞蹈指导, techs who made the show a success—the JOY was palpable!
  • STOak Hosts Screening of the Documentary, 爱丽丝街

    Students in our Applied Studies course, Social Transformation—Oakland (STOak), hosted a screening of 爱丽丝街, a documentary about the gentrification of Oakland, art as resistance, activism. We were fortunate to be joined by comm团结 activist, 艺术家, 诗人阿约德勒·恩津加, 唐人街社区组织者胡恩(Sandra Huen)说, 纪录片导演, 斯宾塞Wilkonson, 为了一个Q&一个面板. 
  • 联系、骄傲和精神日(CPS日)

    CPS Day is an annual celebration of comm团结 learning, 团结, 以及在公平和社会正义方面取得进展. This highly anticipated day offers an opport团结 for participants to delve deeply into a specific topic—this year’s theme was 收入不平等与经济公正.
  • 校友职业对话:法律小组

    历史 teacher, Dan Song, 校友 Director, Cindy Cesca Yoshiyama hosted 校友职业对话:法律小组 在公共教室里. 三个校友, 艾薇娃·吉尔伯特,03年, Chris Sun '04, 和2003年的萨沙·菲利波娃, 谈论他们成为律师的历程, 他们的法律专业, 以及他们处理过的一些案件. They also answered questions and offered 学生 their advice for getting into the field.
  • Congratulations to our Cougars on their Fall 2022 Season!

    Boys soccer is North Coast Section D2 Champions and BCL-East League Champions. They finished the season undefeated with an 18-0-2 record.

    Boys Varsity Cross Country is the BCL-East league champion, 在NCS锦标赛中获得第三名, 在CIF州锦标赛中获得第六名. Girls Varsity Cross Country is the BCL-East league champion, 在NCS锦标赛中获得第四名, 在CIF州锦标赛中获得第17名. 

    Girls Varsity Volleyball finished third in league. They seeded 8th in NCS play-offs and lost in the quarterfinals to the #1 seed.

    Girls Varsity Tennis are the BCL-East Co-Champions. They seeded 8th in NCS play-offs and lost in the quarterfinals to the #1 seed.  
  • 阀杆职业小组中的女校友

    Three alumnae joined us 在公共教室里 for our first Women in 阀杆 career panel. Rekha Rao '82, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories, 劳蕾尔·帕克斯顿,10岁, 相对论空间的首席推进工程师, 莎拉·萨克斯12岁, 工程经理, 罗宾汉的机器学习, talked about their work and some of the challenges they've faced as women working in their fields. They also provided helpful advice to the student audience. 非常感谢我们的校友和我们的主持人 Eva Campodonico, 95年, College Prep 科学 Teacher, for leading the conversation!
  • 阀杆posium应用学习暑期实习

    整个夏天, 学生 in the 阀杆posium 应用学习 class participated in internships in labs at UCSF or UC Berkeley. Students gain hands-on experience in an array of 阀杆 fields, 学习如何阅读初级科学文献, acquire the analytical skills needed to work in a research team. Students work closely with their research mentor and routinely share their work with their 阀杆posium classmates throughout the summer. Current projects include Assessing Bias Pulse Oximetry and Skin Pigmentation.
  • 先进的项目

    Seniors in our 先进的项目 类 show the work that they have been creating in a special exhibition at the end of the school year. The 艺术家s blew us away with their creativity, talent, hard work.
  • 男子大学排球NCS D4冠军!

    Over 300 fans witnessed our Boys Varsity Volleyball team emerge victorious after a nail biting duel in our Baldwin Gymnasium. We are very proud of our team's tenacity and grit!
  • 英语 Seminar visits the California Raptor Center

    Our 英语 seminar for juniors and seniors, “Flying Home”, visits the California Raptor Center. 在课堂上,他们已经阅读了 在外国的H是鹰明亮的翅膀. 在加州猛禽中心, 学生参观博物馆, 听取专家意见, 还遇到了很多鸟,包括猫头鹰, 秃鹰, 和老鹰. As a special treat they got to meet the resident juvenile bald eagle!
  • 加州总检察长罗伯·邦塔十大赌博平台排行榜

    为了纪念亚太裔月, College Prep hosted California's Attorney General, Rob Bonta to hear him speak in a special Collective 常见的课堂 with a student moderated Q&A在最后.